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Untouchables Vol 2, Troubled News

Colonel Moore had marched his task force through the western ruins of Las Vegas for the next two hours until they arrived at the north gate to Freeside. The sun was finally above the horizon, casting its wondrous warm glow over this part of the world. It was going to be another hot day, it seemed, made bearable by the light breeze blowing through, kicking up sand and dirt, twirling it around in the air in mini dust-devils, before dying down again.
Moore ignored most of this, his training and experience making it easier to tune out such discomforts and distractions than a normal person, and made his way towards the two large double junk gates made of sheet metal, rust having eroded a few holes into it, here and there. Where there once would’ve been a gang of Kings hanging out, smoking and shooting the shit but a flaming barrel, there was now a handful of NCR MPs led by a corporal stacking sandbags and turning the gate into a fortified checkpoint.
Two privates flanked the gate standing at attention, their rifles angled down towards the ground, and three other privates were hefting and stacking sandbags while their Corporal supervised. The three working MPs stopped when they were doing when Colonel Moore and his elite soldiers got close, and all six of them stared openly, some in awe. Moore observed that they were all pretty young and fresh looking, and he wondered how long they’ve been in the Mojave. It was possible they haven’t seen a Veteran Ranger before, much less so many at once.
Stepping to the side, to stand in front of the Corporal, Colonel Moore instructed Lieutenant Colonel Anderson to take everyone inside and get them and the children they took settled. The two privates didn’t attempt to bar the Rangers’ way in. Who and what they were was unmistakable, even having never laid eyes on one in person before, and new there was no need to check everyone’s identity. That surely would’ve left Moore in a poor mood if these greenhorns had tried that.
Without waiting for his men to enter Freeside, Moore returned his attention to the young corporal. “Corporal,” he snapped, causing the young man to snap to attention and offer a hasty salute, Moore’s Subdued Colonel Insignia, a dark gray eagle, now easily visible on his Ranger helmet. “Where is your, and your men’s, standard-issue M16s?” He gestured to the five other men, all carrying an assortment of weapons. The two guarding the door carried old M1 Garands, the wood dark and stained, the grain no longer visible, and the metal had rust spots, and the three building the barricades each had a variety of bolt action rifles that could easily have been nearly four hundred years old. He’d be impressed if any of them actually fired, and the Corporal himself carried an old M1 Carbine of similar conditioning to those M1 Garands the others carried.
The young man gulped and looked down at the carbine in his hands, his fingers flexing nervously over the dark wood finish. “Well, um, sir, these are what we were issued with,” the corporal replied nervously. “There are rumors of a weapons shortage and the majority of us non-frontline troops get whatever they can find us so the regular troopers can get their Service Rifles,” he continued.
“I heard some of the non-combat roles don’t even get rifles, sometimes, only a survival knife for self-defense,” claimed one of the recruits who had been working the sandbags, quickly followed up with a quiet “sir”. The young man’s face reddened after realizing he interrupted a conversation with a Colonel, and swiftly looked away.
Colonel Moore lifted a curious eyebrow and frowned. “Is that so? Well, I’ll see what I can do, son, now back to work,” he told them before turning on his heels and walking through the gate without bothering to salute.
“Yes sir, thank you, sir,” the corporal called after the Colonel.
Moore walked down the main street of Freeside at a brisk pace, in a hurry to meet up with his lieutenant colonel and enter the NCR headquarters on the strip, what used to be the Embassy. Freeside was barren, not a soul in sight, rubbage piling up on the sides. Not even an NCR patrol was to be seen. The Old Mormon Fort’s two large hickory wood doors were shut and barred, little to be heard on the outside. But Moore paid little attention to these details, too many other things occupying his mind for him to bother worrying about the things out of his control...though he’d definitely have a talk with the Major in HQ. General Puller was likely too busy to be bothered by Moore’s questions, and so he wouldn’t attempt a meeting.
Less than a minute later, Moore was out of the slums of Freeside and inside the “business” side. The old King hang out was boarded up, and there were scorch marks along the side of the building. The neon lights were all off and not a single body was loitering nearby. The NCR put the gang down roughly when they took control of the Strip, arresting many of the members. There was even a skirmish that left three Kings dead and an NCR trooper killed with five others wounded. That was the catalyst that led to the NCR’s push into Freeside, removing the hostile gang.
Oh well. The Atomic Wrangler, Silver Rush, and Ralph’s were just as busy as ever. Arguably more so since the takeover, since many of the troopers were poor and would take their leave in Freeside rather than the Strip.
Speaking of which, the entrance to it was still closed off to the commoners unless they could pass a security check or cap check. The only difference being, instead of a couple securitrons flanking the entrance, there was another squad of NCR MPs led by a sergeant, all armed similarly to the MPs out by Freeside’s North Gate, save for the corporal manning an M240 light machine gun mounted on a tripod set behind some sandbags.
The Sergeant was less impressed of the Colonel in his Ranger Black Armor, and wore a frown as Moore approached. However, he did notice the Colonel’s insignia at an appropriate time, unlike the corporal out front, and saluted Moore, who returned it with an impatient gesture.
“I reckon you’re with them other Rangers who had the kids, huh?” The sergeant asked, his voice gruff and tired. “I should I.D. ya, but go on in, Colonel, I’m sure you’re in a hurry.”
“Thanks,” Moore replied quietly, offering a small salute.
“Yessir,” was all the sergeant said, lighting up a cigarette as the Colonel passed and entered the Strip.
The Strip was like it ever was, buzzing with activity as tourists, off-duty soldiers, and MPs alike all strolled about, some drunker than others. All the casinos were lit up, though seemingly less impressive in the morning than at night, and patrols of MPs with stony faces walked to and fro, as if on a mission. Muffled music could be heard emanating from the nearest casino, Gomorrah, and “dancers” strutted their stuff in order to attract customers.
One main difference that could be noticed immediately was the lack of the securitrons that had once been ever present, ever watchful. It was odd, seeing them gone, they had been there since the first time Moore walked on the Strip so many years ago. For everyone, in their place, was one to two MPs, standing guard, or hauling drunken troopers to sober up in a cell.
The thought brought a smile to Moore’s face, as he remembered being young and carefree, drinking to his heart’s content to wake up in the “drunk tank”. The nostalgia felt good, but it reminded him of days gone, of friends lost, and all the weight of it and his responsibility, the burden he now carries, hit him hard. Like a sucker punch to the gut and, when it was all over, he just felt old, and tired. Moore sighed, a thing of melancholy, and shook his head to clear his head of such thoughts. Now was not the time to be feeling weak. There was much to be done.
Moore resumed his pace and meandered his way down to the end of the Strip, where the embassy had been repurposed into a headquarters. As he approached, he hooked a right and walked past the chain link gate guarded by two MPs carrying bolt-action rifles, and entered the HQ’s courtyard, where he found eight of his task force: Seven Rangers standing at attention behind the seven children, the Rangers’ hands on the kids’ shoulders, and his Lieutenant Colonel, Wolverine Anderson, her damaged helmet off exposing her ghoulish face. Half her nose was missing, rotted off, and her eyes were a very pale blue. Her hair was surprisingly long for a ghoul, although it was unkempt, matted, and dried. Not to mention whole chunks of it was missing, giving her bald spots here or there.
“Colonel,” she rasped when she noticed her commander, causing the seven other rangers to salute. She, herself, did not salute, but merely nodded in his direction. It wasn’t a sign of disrespect, it was simply hard to get rid of the Ranger in someone once they had been one for as long as they had. Moore understood all too well. There may even be no one left alive who had been a Ranger as long as Anderson. She was old, very old and, if she felt any contempt towards Moore for being promoted over her, she didn’t show it. She was a soldier, through and through, and a damned good one. Moore trusted her with his life.
Standing before the eigh rangers, he began the process of removing his helmet as he thought about what to say. “Where are the others?” He asked Anderson, casting his gaze over each of the children in turn. Most of them stared up at him, awed by his presence and intimidating armor. Most had red puffy eyes and it was clear they had been crying, albeit quietly. He couldn’t blame them, though he didn’t have much regret. They were better in his hands than their junkie parents. Speaking, some of the children looked sickly and malnourished, and it was clear they had not been taken care of properly.
“I gave them short liberty and told them to be back here at nineteen hundred hours for the debrief,” Anderson answered promptly. “Figured they could use some rest and a good cleaning up.”
Moore nodded thoughtfully, his helmet off and tucked under his arm, showing his once handsome, now grizzled face. He scratched at the stubble growing on his chin and then ran his hand through his matted and dirty hair, breaking into a smile. “I could use a bath, myself.”
“Affirmative. I can smell you from here,” responded Anderson, who then proceeded to sniff the air. A younger Hal Moore might have once been disgusted at the sound and sight of Anderson’s rotted half-nose sniffing the air, but the more mature, and older, Moore simply chuckled at the joke.
“I doubt you smell like roses, yourself,” Moore countered playfully. Before Anderson could respond, Moore’s frown returned and just like that, it was all back to business, the rare mood having ended, run its course. “You know what to do, find an outgoing truck back to California to put these kids on, and then you get your liberty until the debrief as well. Understood?”
“Yes, Colonel.” As Anderson began dishing out orders to complete her task, Moore twisted around and walked towards the MP’s headquarters, a squat square building on the side of the courtyard. The trek was a short one and soon Moore was inside, having pushed the door open and entered. MPs milled about, going about their duty, and a few trooper, here and there, sitting in various chairs throughout the reception area. The large desk at front and center had a single terminal occupied by a blonde-headed receptionist, who gave Moore a friendly and toothy grin.
“Welcome, Colonel!” She said to him as he walked up to the desk, paying little attention to all the others in the room. He returned her grin with a tried one of his.
“Is Major Thomas in?” he asked, curious.
“Why, yes, yes he is, Colonel. He just got back from a briefing not ten minutes ago and his in his office.”
“Fantastic,” Moore responded. “Thank you, darlin’.” He shot her a wink and then pushed off from the counter to walk down the long hallway to the left. It ended at a decorative wooden door which opened to a small, yet nice office for the Major. The wallpaper might’ve been peeling, showing the worn wood beneath, but all the rest of the furniture was kept in nice shape, and was regularly polished to give them a slight sheen.
Sitting behind the decorative hickory desk was a larger man in his late fifties, grey hair, red nose, and blue eyes. At first, he didn’t notice Moore, who had let himself in, and was typing on his terminal, casting a faint green glow across the man’s features as he stared at the screen. When he did finally notice Moore, his thin lips curled into an even deeper frown. He did not stand up, and he did not salute, but Moore wouldn’t have expected anything more from the old goat. He wouldn’t exactly say they were old friends, but they definitely went way back, all the way back when Moore was just a recruit getting drunk on the Strip.
“To what do I owe this pleasure, Hal?” Asked Major Jack Thomas, his voice low and gravelly, and tired. Moore, as he got closer, noticed the old man’s eyes were bloodshot. Guess he’s not getting as much sleep as he used to. As he thought of what to say, Moore pulled a chair back and sat down into the cushioned seat, and placed his helmet on the Major’s desk. This was the first real time he had gotten to sit down in twenty-four hours, and it felt good. Moore let out a quiet sound of relief and closed his eyes briefly, enjoying the moment.
But, alas, Moore was here for business, not relaxation. “So, how’ve you been, Jack?” he asked the Major cordially, eyes snapping to the Major’s. Of course, the old officer saw through it all and rolled his eyes in annoyance.
“Cut the crap, Hal, and just tell me what you want,” Thomas snapped. Moore simply smiled. Things really do never change, huh?
“You never were one for pleasantries,” Moore replied with a chuckle, crossing his leg and leaning back in the chair.
“I’m getting too fucking old and busy,” The Major retorted, opening a drawer in his desk and pulling out a fancy cigar box. It was brown with gold inlay, yet Moore couldn’t make out the patterns from his position. The Major lifted the lid up and pulled one of the expensive cigars out, brought it up to his nose, and took in a good whiff, closing his eyes as he did so, clearly enjoying the smell of the tobacco. He nearly placed it in his mouth when he remembered the Colonel in front of him, and offered Moore the first one, who graciously accepted.
“I know the feeling,” Said Moore, who was remembering his little episode when he first entered the Strip. He placed the cigar in his mouth, nibbling off the end and spitting it out, and then waited patiently for Thomas to get his lighter.
Major Thomas snorted at Moore’s words, which turned into laughter. “Wait until you get my age, then you can say that.” The Major then pulled out a silver lighter from his pocket engraved with his initials and Unit emblem, and lit the end of Moore’s cigar as the latter puffed on it, and then repeated the process with his own cigar.
“I’d rather die,” Moore shot back, somewhat jokingly. Major Thomas winced a little, though, apparently his old age a sensitive subject. Moore couldn’t blame him. No one liked getting old, soldiers least of all, himself included.
Neither said anything for a moment, both men enjoying a smoke in awkward silence. Moore was watching the Major through heavy-lidded eyes and Thomas was leaning back in his office chair, staring up at the slowly turning ceiling fan, watching the blades go round and round.
“I’d have figured you’d be a Colonel by now, hell, General, even,” Moore said, attempting to break the silence, and to steer the conversation to why he was here...sort of. The Major straightened a little in his chair and his eyes snapped to Moore’s, giving the latter an incredulous look.
“What?!” the Major exclaimed. “And leave my boys to some young inexperienced punk while I go off to sit behind a desk in California? Hell no, fuck that. I’m staying right here behind this desk. These boys need me. Imma die right here.” He then pounded the surface of the desk, driving home his point, causing the computer to shake and the old coffee cup sitting nearby to rattle.”I get the odd promotion offer on occasion, but I always turn ‘em down.”
Moore didn’t really have anything to respond to that, and didn’t really care about the old man’s reluctance to move up the ranks, despite however much he could relate. “Speaking of your “boys”, ran into a couple on the way over here, and that’s really the reason I’m here, as much as I like smoking with you.”
“Oh?” the Major’s curiosity was piqued.
“Yeah, what’s going on with their weapons? Some of them are carrying ancient rifles that have to be incredibly unreliable at best.” Moore leaned in and took a moment to knock off the excessive ash in the ceramic tray on the Major’s desk, keeping eye contact. The Major frowned at the question, and stood up, resting his cigar in a notch in the ashtray.
“Ah,” he mumbled as he turned his back on the Colonel and moved the couple feet to a cabinet about four foot tall. Atop the smooth wood finish was a beautiful decanter filled with a golden-brown liquid flanked by two crystal drinking glasses. He grabbed both the glasses in one hand and the decanter in the other, and turned back around to face the Colonel. Placing the items gently onto the desk, he sat down and wrestled the cork out of the decanter, causing a quiet “pop” to echo in the small room. Next, he filled both glasses about half way and slid one towards Moore, without having asked the latter if he even wanted a drink. Not like Moore would’ve declined. He could sure go for a drink right about now, though he was mildly curious why the Major felt the need to open a bottle. Before Moore even picked his glass up, Major had his in his hands and was gulping it down, finishing with a satisfied sigh of “ahhhh”.
“Truthfully? I don’t fucking know. As in, I can’t get a straight answer out of the higher-ups in California on why my MPs are arriving with shit for weapons, if they arrive with any at all. I’ve been told that there’s simply too many young men bein’ recruited and the factories can’t keep up with the orders. I’m being reassured that we’ll eventually get a shipment of M16s, amongst other things, yet we haven’t got anything yet.” Major Thomas poured himself a second glass and began to sip on it, examining Moore over the rim of the crystal, watching the Colonel’s expression carefully.
Colonel Moore took his own sip, bracing himself for it smelled strong, yet it was fairly smooth and went down nicely. Moore could feel it slide all the way down his throat and drop into his stomach. It was some good whiskey, and he wondered where the Major found it.
“I see,” Moore finally said, setting his glass back down on the table, eyeing the brown liquid. “That is...unfortunate. There’s not much I can do to help with that, though I’ll see what I can do.”
Major Thomas scoffed at that and shook his head. “You help me? That’ll be the day,” he replied, amused. “If you want to help, post some of your ranger boys by the Freeside water pump while you’re here. We’re undermanned since the takeover, and the Kings haven’t gone quietly.”
Moore frowned at that, finding the news and implications troubling. “What is this about the Kings? Figured they’d all be gone or dead by now.”
“Yeah, well, they’re not. A select few just went to ground, like roaches, popping up to cause some trouble and mischief,” replied the major, leaning in and resting his elbows on the desk. “At first, it was basic stuff, light vandalism, but it’s gettin’ worse. The fuckin’ Freeside water pump has been damaged some twenty times.” At Moore’s lifted eyebrow, impressed at the Kings for being able to cause so much trouble after being thought gone, Major Thomas continued, working himself up, red-faced. “That’s not all! We don’t have any engineers here, all of ‘em have been re-posted at the dam to get those generators up and running every since Helios One was hit by those fuckin’ Power Armored nut jobs. So, we have to hire a local man escorted by five MPs to go out and fix the water pump every time it is sabotaged because I simply do not have enough men to keep it guarded around the clock.” With his little tirade over, he leaned back and polished off his second glass, followed by some light rubbing of his temples. “It’ll only take one good ambush by them to spook the handyman for good, and then what’ll we do? That’s Freeside’s only source of freshwater currently.” Major Thomas started shaking his head tiredly after he was done speaking. It was clear he was under a lot of stress and the burden of his position was weighing on him unlike any time before.
Colonel Moore finished off his own glass, sighed, and stood up, picking up his helmet and tucking it under his arm, followed up by picking up his carbine and slinging it over his shoulder. “Again, I’ll see what I can do. I won’t be here for long, and I need all the men I can get myself.”
“Yeah yeah,” Thomas mumbled, waving a beefy hand dismissively. And then a thought occurred to him as he remembered a rumor he heard. “Hey, Hal, before you go, you should know somethin’.”
Moore stopped right before the door, and turned his head to look back at Major Thomas over his shoulder. “Yeah, Jack, what is it?”
“There’s some sort of deal going down at the dam, something about hiring on more mercs to add to your task force. I can’t say for sure this a hundred percent accurate, I’m jus’ tellin’ you what I heard,” Thomas answered, pouring himself his third glass. Sitting around on a computer, smoking cigars and drinking whiskey all day, it was no wonder Major Jack Thomas had gained weight since the last time Moore had seen him.
Colonel Moore felt like he had been punched in the gut when he heard this. The task force was his brainchild, his baby, and it sickened him someone was trying tin assert their influence over it…and with mercenaries too! Twisting around to fully face Major Thomas again, he shook his head wildly, in disbelief. “Puller wouldn’t do something like that to me-”
“-It’s not Puller, as far as I’m aware,” interrupted the Major. “What I heard was it’s some politicians doing from back in California, sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong.” There was some comfort in knowing that it wasn’t General Puller’s doing, but it didn’t help with the fact it was still happening...if the rumor was true. Something Moore needed to find out quick.
Moore nodded in the Major’s direction and thanked him for sharing. “I owe you one if this is true,” Moore told the man before opening the door and stepping over the threshold.
“Yeah,” was all the Major quietly said. “Just remember to bring me back a bottle of the good stuff, and we’re even!” he called out the door, hoping the Colonel heard him.
Colonel Moore was fuming now, and didn’t stop at all to speak to anyone, not even the blonde receptionist. Storming out of the MP’s HQ, he spotted Lieutenant Colonel Anderson and the seven Rangers that were with her earlier.
“Ah, great timing, Anderson, we have a change of plans,” Moore told her, stepping in front of her to cut her off from heading into the barracks. “I’m having to leave for the dam earlier than usual, and I’m gonna take five of these men with me. You’ll debrief the men as planned and then head for the dam in two days. Tomorrow night, you are to post two rangers to keep an eye on the Freeside water pump, discreetly, and to apprehend any suspicious characters that approach it. Understood?”
Anderson followed every word with a stony face, not even blinking, and nodded when Moore was finished. “Understood, Colonel.” And like that she went about her business without a single question. She was a good soldier.
Moore pointed to five of the men and said “you five, with me”, and made his way out of the compound and back onto the strip. The five Veteran Rangers followed along obediently, without a word. They must be as tired as the Colonel, yet they were professionals, and the nest of the best. They could do with another night of roughing it if they had too.
Moore sighed as he placed the helmet back on his head, realizing he wasn’t going to get a bath so craved...yet a new thought came to him, and it acted as a little pick-me-up for the colonel. I’ll just take a nice dip in the river once we get to the dam. Yeah, that’ll be nice. And with that thought stuck in his head, leaving him with a smile despite all he’s learned, he and his five rangers traveled out of the Strip and, in turn, Freeside, entering the wastes once more, heading east towards the dam...
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Diego : The Distiller of Souls

Rough Support champion concept
Diego Malvado: The Distiller of Souls
Brief into: Mavaldo's Soul liquor brand is well known across Zaun, even revered and enjoyed by several high class Pitloveren clan members as it's strong whiskeys are known leave a satisfying burning sensation on your tongue, while the more cheaper beer is beloved for it's sweet taste, resembling crushed strawberries, and filling you with unnatural joy. More Famous than his Alcholoic drinks, is the luxurious Malvado brewery itself, A magnificent industrial palace with golden walls and three towering smoke chimneys which gently pour out clouds of glowing purple smoke. Doubling as a casino, The brewery attracts all who's pockets are overflowing and ambitious gamblers left even more cocky by the owner's brew, some secretly traveling to the grand spectacle pursuing rumors of the brewery's discreet "third service" as an exotic brothel (boasting a collection of the most beautiful women "gathered" from all corners of runeterra). What isn't well know is the man behind this adored product, besides a couple of theory and brief public appearances, Diego Malvado remains a figure of legend behind the brewery. A gentleman of fine taste and housing velvet tongue, Diego is known to have connections across all levels of Zaun and Piltover, which many hold to be the reason for the law's dendancy to turn a blind eye to the several "Strange" occurrences that seem to be connected to him. Countless rumors circle that warn people of Diego being a demon of excess, a man who deals with immoral magic or the crime boss responsible for hundreds of disappearances in the streets around the brewery. Some paranoid souls even theorize that Malvado stalks Zaun's streets at night, harvesting the essence of naive people to use as ingredients for his Liquor. Claiming it is the souls of this victims which makes the brand so sweet.... But they are just rumors...are they not.
Appearance: A tall thin man, Diego strides with a confident posture anywhere he goes, wearing a white buttoned shirt, silky green waistcoat with elaborate golden symbols woven onto it, a matching tie, thick silver chain necklace holding a bottle of golden whiskey, long black pants, polished black shoes with gold lining and heels , three belts, one holding a string of jars containing a glowing blue liquid in them, the second lined with three bottles of glowing golden whiskey and the third bears a large golden belt buckle with the initials "D.M" printed on it. He has short black hair and sports a clean shaven look, having a pencil mustache and thin goatee. the top half of Diego's right head has been completely replaced with a metal skull, the exposed metal place reaching the tip of his right ear and the top of his right cheek, with his right eye replaced by a hollow socket which glows with a pale blue aura that seeps out constantly. Diego also carries around a long black cane sword that has a golden loin head.
Passive: "Lullaby"/ "Velvet tongue"
Being a known sweet talker, Diego can form a persistent yet calming aura to surround him, should he avoid damage successful for 10 continuous seconds. His Aura forms a small radius around which "lulls" all surrounding champions to enjoy his company (Friendly champions and Diego himself gain damage immunity for any initial strike coming from enemy champions should the Aura be active, instantly break after the first hit.)
Q-"Distill soul"
Diego will hurls his chain rope dart at a targeted champion or minion and create a "Soul" connection (a glowing trail of blue aura) between one another for about 3-4 seconds. During the forced link, Diego will drain a portion of the target's health until the connection "snaps" spawning a glowing "Soul" jar on the floor beside Diego, containing the HP stolen from the Target. All souls jars can only be retrieved by allied champions, and remain unobtainable to Both Diego and Enemy champions. Mana cost: 200 cool down: 25 seconds damage/health: 150 health (inital), +50 every upgrade
W-"Wing man"/ "Encouraging bad habits"
After selecting an allied champion or an area (marked with a small radius), Diego will hurl a Bottle of his finest "Malvado Golden mane" Whiskey at them, covering the individual or space with the glowing golden Liquor. Allies directly struck with the bottle will receive a 4 second speed increase and +50 % for their next two strikes. Enemies struck with the attack will slowed for 1.5-2 seconds, while finding them selves being force to walk towards Diego against their will. Mana Cost: 150 Cool down: 30 seconds damage: 50 (enemy champions only)
E- "Diego's lovely Escort service"
After selecting a target, Diego will dismounting of the several soul jars on his belt and pop open the cork, letting a ghost of female cabaret dance out to terrorize or aid champions until her bar of Health is diminished (250hp). When Diego unleashes "Helen" onto an ally, the spirit will circle around them, dealing damage to minions and intercepting enemy champion's attack until destroyed. When unleashed upon opposing champions, the spirit will circle around them a expose their position as they try to retreat out of sight or hide in bushes, increasing all damage dealt to the target enemy by 10% until destroyed. Should Diego cast the spell on himself, He will take three bottles from his belt and release three female spirits (each containing 80 hp each), who will circle around Diego increasing the recharge of his health and mana by 3.5% and auto-attack enemies within melee range until destroyed.
Mana cost: 300 cool down: 50 seconds
R: "the Taste that raises the Dead"
If Diego is quick to react in wake of a dying allied champion, He will retrieve the small bottle dangling from his neck and pour a drop into a "Golden mane" whiskey bottle (taking about 4 seconds) before hurling it at the dead ally. As the bottle shatters and soaks the friendly champion in the Liquor, they will find them selves returning to life with 800 hp (+20 per level up) and half their mana restored. Diego is also able to cast the spell on himself, however, there is a 10 second window after dying where he is able to activate the ability.
New Passive: "Soul searching"/"Brewers habits"
Despite his cool facade, Deigo is constantly toiling away at creating new recipes for his legendary brand, known to often brewing on the go while he travels around Runeterra, always carrying a set of "soul" jars to offer to friends or potential investors he may encounter through out his journeys, as well as a couple of empty spares to create a new one on the spot, always on the look out for wandering stray souls which could be used to "improve" his liquor. Whether it be in the middle of a battle or a long stroll through the woods, Diego will always manage to brew up another Soul jar. Appearing as a little jar symbol under his Health bar, soul brewer can store a maximum of Eight Soul jars, earning a bottle every 20 seconds he is idle from combat. These Extra bottles can "drunk" (spent) in order boost up his other abilities (costing 3 jars) , regenerate his mana (costing 8 jars) or used to spawn an extra Soul jar on the field when ever his W ability is activated (costing 4 mana)
Q- "Terrible manners"
In the heat of battle, Diego may loose himself to the excitement of combat, letting the rough street fighting habits he had learned in his days surviving the vibrant Zaun alleys seep through his calm facade. Activating the ability, Diego will draw one of the "Golden" Whiskey bottles dangling from his belt and smash it against the selected Target ground like a club (inflicting heavy damage- 500 hp, +15 with every upgrade), causing the glass to smash and the glowing liquor to splash out, covering all near by enemies for 2.5 seconds (While coated in whiskey, all effected enemies with receive minor damage: 20 hp every second.)
Passive upgrade: Should Diego Boost the attack with his spare soul jars, He will be able to charge up the attack and launch the Whiskey bottle as a short range projectile at the selected enemy champion (range 8 cm.), dealing double damage.
Mana cost: 150
Cool down: 15 seconds
W- "Distill soul"
Diego will hurls his chain rope dart at a targeted champion or minion and creates a "Soul" connection (a glowing trail of blue aura around the through the chain,) between one another for about 3-4 seconds. During the forced link, Diego will drain a portion of the target's health until the connection "snaps", spawning a glowing "Soul" jar on the floor beside Diego, containing the HP stolen from the Target. All souls jars can only be retrieved by allied or enemy champions, unobtainable to Both Diego and the champion who was struck by the attack.
Passive upgrade: If Diego chooses to boost the attack, a second "Soul" jar will appear behind the bottle which had been distilled during the attack, offering 100 hp on top of the original amount of health stolen from the enemy. (cost 8 spare Soul jars)
Mana cost: 200
cool down: 25 seconds
damage/health: 250 health (inital), +50 every upgrade
E- "Diego's Lovely Escort service"
After selecting a target, Diego will dismounting of the several soul jars on his belt and pop open the cork, letting a ghost of female cabaret dance out to terrorize or aid champions until her bar of Health is diminished (250hp). When Diego unleashes "Helen" onto an ally, the spirit will circle around them, dealing damage to minions and intercepting enemy champions attack until destroyed. When unleashed upon opposing champions, the spirit will circle around them an expose their position as they try to retreat out of sight or hide in bushes for as long as she is active, increasing all damage dealt to the target enemy by 10% until destroyed. Should Diego cast the spell on himself, He will take three bottles from his belt and release three female spirits (each containing 80 hp each), who will circle around Diego increasing the recharge of his health and mana by 3.5% and auto-attack enemies within melee range until destroyed, also providing a 3 second speed boost (resembling haste speed) upon casting the spell.
Passive Upgrade: After boosting this ability, Diego will spawn a different Female ghost, made from golden aura instead of the grim blue spirit essence and dressed in a feathered carnival dress. this spirit performs the same function as "Helen", bearing one extra ability. If Diego assigns "Maria" to an Allied champion, she will slowly recharge the selected champions health (+2.5%) for as long as she is active. When unleashed upon an enemy, Maria will slowly drain their health for as long as he is active around the enemy (-2.5%). Should Diego cast the ability on himself with the boost, and extra spirit woman will spawn along side the regular three dancers. (costs 6 soul jars)
Mana cost: 300
cool down: 25 seconds
R- "The Malvado Brewery Caberet"
Activating the ability, Diego Will suddenly halt, retrieving the small bottle hanging from his neck ,while grabbing a soul jar from his belt. Popping the cork, He will pour a couple of drops of the "special" Golden whiskey into the Soul jar, causing it to shake violently and bubble with golden foam as he lets it drop onto the floor. Hitting the ground, The bottle will explode in a grand cloud of gold smoke, unleashing a vibrant parade of 15 ghost women dressed in elaborate cabaret gowns, carnival feather frocks and ballroom masks onto the battlefield (the whole attack lasting about 15 seconds). Made of Golden aura, the spirits will begin to dance on the spot the space for 3 seconds, performing twirls and kicks which inflict damage before they all link arms into a circle around Diego, dancing around him like a spirit wall, kicking their legs out while dancing (performing a lively can can dance), striking enemies caught in their range. After a couple of seconds, the spirit women will twirl away from Diego and strike a pose before fading out existence. Should Diego cast his ultimate ability around any allied champions, three women will break off from the main group and perform the "Malvado" Cabaret around them, in unison with the other dancers.
Ideal position: Support
Born into a rich family clan in Piltover, Diego never had much strife in his youth, which endless opportunities and pleasures available to him with a simple order, since his family dealt and where big players in the weapons trade, money would never be an issue for the Malvado family. Having such a prestigious life, Diego's natural talent for tinkering and business was immedatly recognised when they surfaced in his early age, resulting in his proud parent enrolling him in one of Piltover's renown laboratories academia for when he grew into a man. Though his intellect would never be used for continuing on the family legacy as they would hope, Diego's destiny revealing it's self to him on the day he found himself lost in the underground city of Zaun. After taking the wrong tram home, Diego was thrusted into the distinctive and highly industry world of the under city, though while most Piltoveren would be completely disgusted by such a harsh introduction to the world below their feet, Diego found himself enthralled. The lights, the sounds, the durability of it's citizens and visions of endless possibility, all these sight drew a grin on the teenage diego's face. Losing track of time, Diego would end up spending a night in the undercity, happily falling asleep in a dark alley. It was in this night, Diego discovered his first love and the event which would set him down the path of becoming the man he was today. She was one of the most beautiful things he had ever laid eyes upon, though she was covered in soote and her dress was practically a ragged mess, her green eyes and dark skin took his soul instantly. The girl was also infatuated with Diego, he was refined and his fancy words swept off her feet. One night soon became weeks As Diego surrendered himself to Zuan, learning how to survive in the harsh under city, even forming his own gang which boasted success like none other. But horror would soon cross his destiny. Returning to the Alley where they had first met, Diego and his love planned on a great romance they hoped to have in the future, though this time they weren't alone in the alley. From the shadows stepped a well dressed man wearing an unnatural grin, At first he was polite, begging sorry for the disturbance he has cause, then the man demanded the girl soul, drawing Diego to charge at him with a blade, But it was too late...The man cackled and slurked into the shadows, leaving Diego to turn back to his love and find her motionless on the floor. There was no scares, no bruises, not even a mark as Diego cradled her filled with tears, her dark skin now paler than usual and her green eyes nothing by empty white glasses.
Filled with new purpose, Diego returned home a man, one burning with a clear mission. He took what he could of his inheritance and went back down into Zaun, Buying an old factory no one wanted. Paying generously, Loyal workers rushed to his doors and the first batch of "malvado's" beer was sold two weeks later. Becoming the drink of common zaunites, the Brand grew into stardom as Diego funded trips to other nations, learning new techniques and tastes until he perfected his own, secretly improved by his dark secret. His love of science and gadgets never died, only given direction as he begun an unhealthy obsession with the dark magic of soul stealing, the curse which took his love away. As the brewery grew, so did Diego's hidden experiments, finding himself stalking the lonely alleys of zaun at night, hunting gangsters and thieves to fuel his tests and liquor, discovering that the more corrupt the individual, the more sweet the taste it would provide.
Like the man his family had foreseen, Diego grew into an powerful overlord of commerce, while his experimental genius of mixing magic and science remained a secret. After many years of amassing wealth and wooing hearts, horror would strike again. News of women and children being murdered began reaching the news, quickly becoming pandemonium as several pale corpse with pale eyes would be found every morning. Convinced it was that man from years ago, Diego would also venture into the city at night, attempting prevent the murders. Sometimes he was able to fight of the Strange shadow man, and sometimes he was to late, bottling the victims souls to prevent the shadow man from consuming them, hoping to find a way to revive them. But when news of similar murders began appearing in Piltover, Diego was determined to end the threat for good.
In the highest of a grim night, the two encountered one another in a lovely garden plaza, At first the shadow man toyed with Diego, avoiding strikes and focus on infuriating him. Adsorbed in his fury He failed to see the trap laid out for, becoming more aggressive and violent as he hope to kill the pest for good. Once the shadow man saw Diego was completely clouded by anger, the evil demon released a captive he had been hiding. It was a young Piltover woman, lost and afraid as she emerged from the monster's shadows, letting out a deafening scream as Diego struck her with his soul stealing rope dart. As his eyes widen with horror and regret, the beast disappeared into the night, leaving Diego to yet again cradle a lifeless woman in his arms. Though this time...he was determined to not let her pass on. Spurned on by determination and crying with regret, Diego desperately tried to force the dead woman to drink her own soul, readying her lips to pour the essence back into her body...though this was the last thing Diego would see that night as a Loud rifle shot would break the silence and shatter the top of Diego's head wide open....the world went dark.
Hours past until Diego re-awoke, find himself in the same plaza as before, only, piece of his head where laid scattered on the floor. Was he dead? He glances at the empty soul jar in his hand and realised what had happened, He had found a way to cheat death...but at what cost? the life of an innocent. Scrabbling back to his brewer, Diego saw what remain of his head in a mirror, founding it chilling to see half his face torn of and the inner muscles glowing with an eerie blue aura. He would recover, Replacing the missing bone and flesh with a steel construct, returning his sight to him through dark magic. Finally understanding his enemy, Diego would return to his mission with a new drive.
Not sure If I am allowed Dialogue, so I'll put it here at the end:
Selection: -"I'll make em dance"
Spawning in:
-"Wonder what their souls will taste like"
-"Free whiskey, for anyone who can down a bottle in one go"
-"I don't condone Violence... I instigate it"
-"If we win, I'm throwin Y'all a Party."
-"After tasting my brew, you'll want no other."
-"Can't we just all get along? ...and Drink Malvado whiskey?"
-"They're going to have quite the hangover when this is all over"
-"Going to the party"
-"An't no hurry, we'll get there soon enough"
-"Mighty fine day today. Shame theres going to be a mess"
-"An't nothing better than a Leisurely stroll through the forest"
-"The air is quite delightful, leaves a gentle taste in your lungs"
-"Hoping to it"
-"No need to worry brother, I'm going"
-"Two clicks and I'm there"
-"Slowly and steady Wins all the time"
-"There is no rush is there?"
-"Getting to the hustle"
-"Where theres rustling, theres bustling"
-"Keeping the tempo brother"
-"Time to fly"
-"If theres walking, there an't time for talkin"
-"Bringing the liquor to the party"
-"Mighty kind of you"
-"mhmm I'm undeniably excited for what is about to happen"
-"Going where the wind tells me"
-"Not a problem brother"
-"Wonder if there will be any "Exotic" creatures about.."
-"Look lively"
-"The party starts when I get there"
Attacking: -"Lets Waltz!"
-"Time to hustle"
-"Whiskey is good for treating wounds"
-"Here, I'll be delighted to give you a free sample!"
-"Here comes the music brother!"
-"Here comes the Hangover"
-"See if you can keep up"
-"Watch out, I bite!"
-"Please be careful, don't want to have to carry you home now"
-"My my! An't you a feisty one?"
-"Time to start the party!"
-"Drink up!" -"I warn you, the sip has quite the KICK!"
-"Lets see if you stay standing after this"
-"Would you be so kind to let me take your soul?"
-"Shame it had to be this way!"
-"Hope you didn't any other Previous ENGAGEMENTS!"
-"Guess there no Time for conversation"
-"No sweet talk this time, Just hard love!"
-"This well be a fine Batch" (using W)
-"I curious about what taste you'll have" (using Q)
-"Time to brew!" (using W)
-"I always utilize Fresh ingredients!" (using Q)
-"I got you hooked!" (using Q)
--"Where you going?" (using Q)
-"You look utterly parched my friend!" (when ally collects )
-"Here have a shift drink brother!" (using W on Ally: male)
-"Here have a shift drink darling!" (using W on Ally: Female)
-"Wet your fine lips on this fine brew" (using W on Ally)
-"Take the load off" (using W on Ally)
-"Refreshments! On the house! (using W on Ally)
-"Feeling lonely? I have just the Remedy" ( using E on ally)
-"You don't have to walk alone darling" ( using E on ally Female)
-"Warm yourself in fine company Brother" (using E on ally Male)
-"A friends of mine always get spoiled"(using E on Ally)
-"Don't frett my dear friend, This lovely lady with help rid you of concerns" (using E on ally)
-"Only the best escorts for my humble friends" (using E on ally)
-"For me a Dream, for you a nightmare!" (using E on enemy)
-"Darling, would be so kind as to torment this pest?" ( using E on enemy)
-"oh I certainly have a show for you 'Friend'..." (using E on enemy)
-"She'll take your breath away. (laughs)" (using E on enemy)
-"What wrong? don't look so stunned, she only wants to have a little fun" (using E on enemy)
-"Ladies, Ladies! Please, You all have my heart" (using E on himself)
-"Flawless! Absolutely flawless! Your dances are always breath taking my lovely darlings" (using E on himself)
-"Stretch your wings my stunning doves, Enthrall me again with your magnificent flight!" (using E on Himself)
-"Ah! Always a beautiful spark during a difficult day my delightful vixens" (Using E on Himself)
-"Lets us put on a grand spectacle for them my darlings." (Using E on himself)
-"As always my darlings, you never miss a beat." (using E on Himself)
-"I'm afraid I'm cancelling your appointment for the afterlife brother" (using R)
-"That was quite the tumble my friend." (using R)
-"You almost had them, have a quick drink and try again" (using R)
-"All you need is a strong ale my friend" (using R)
-"The taste just wants to make you sing doesn't it?" (using R)
-"There will be no eulogy for you this day brother" (using R on Male Ally)
-"It would of been a unforgivable shame to leave you breathless my dear" (Using R on female Ally)
-"Death, A predicament that a stiff drink can't help remedy" (using R on Himself)
-"Beware adversaries! I live..." (using R Himself)
Laugh: Diego twirls his cane and leans on it, letting out a deep, almost sinister sounding, laugh.
Dance: Diego halts, flicks up his cane and catches it as he suddenly erupts into a vibrant "Jitterbug" style jazz dance.
Action: Diego Twirls his cane, folding it under his arms as he gestures forward politely, delivering a courteous bow of his head .
-"I don't want to be rude brother, however, you seem like the foul type to me"
-"Care to try my liquor? Then again, it seems you'll be incapable of handling it"
-"There an't sufficient words to describe how wretched and unpleasant you are"
-"Normally it is rude to speak ill of folk, however, I your case it would be crime against dignity not to"
-"Certainly you a capable of displaying some class or is that beyond your comprehension?"
-"Dull Rude Disgusting, These all true words about you, My haiku for thee"
(Gargas)- "Care to trade ales fellow brewer?", "I respect Gentlemen with exquisite taste", "A fellow brewer, is always a friend to me brother"
(Gangplank)- "Now this is a man who appreciates Strong grog", "I'm afraid My barrels cause a different kind of explosion captain"
(Garen)- "it sounds like you've enough drinks already", "...Brother....You need to chill"
(Kled)- "Whatever it is you are drinking, I certainly need some as well", "Your a crude creature, but your taste for Liquor is quite sophisticated"
(Graves)- "Brother, I have a drink that can match the buck of destiny" , "A tough man , deserves a tough drink"
(Twisted fate)- "Unlike you my dear vagabond, I don't require flashy cards to stun ladies", "Witty Style, but poor performance"
(Tyrndamere)- "An't got no words to describe how ridiculous that is brother...", "Relax brother, No need for such fury...have a drink and wind down for once"
(Uydre)- "I deal with other kinds of spirit brother, though, mine are ultimately more useful", "Solid whiskey, no ice... I presume"
(Jayce)- "I doubt there is much behind that dim witted face of yours..", "I'd say your intoxicated...but that is your usual state"
(Ekko)- "There is nothing like home, isn't there sport", "Your a good kid, maybe when your older I'll share a drink with you...maybe some ladies too"
(Viktor)- "There can't be any revolution without fuel brother.", "Evolution is a well an good in all, however, if theres no taste in it, then whats the point?"
(Draven)- "I'm fairly certain those cheers are of pity, rather than enjoyment.", "Your 'style' is actually quite dull brother.", "I have yet to see ladies flock to you brother...if you'd like I can give you a discount...think about, clearly there is no other option"
(Ashe)- "I am Humbled by your unrivaled elegance your majesty ", "I am certain the harsh blizzards of the north melt against your beauty my queen", "Ashe ,like a reminisce of a fire you warm my heart".
(Caitlyn)- "Twice you have struck me, first with a bullet, then with your beauty", "No even your rifle's scope can match your piercing eyes dear sheriff"
(Morgana)- "the only thing that has fallen, are the countless gentlemen admiring you", "I wouldn't mind corruption, if such corruption was as stunning as you my dear."
(Leona)- "A woman with such devotion shines like no other, you are proof of that.", "Why worship the sun, when the brightest light is you my darling?", "No point in attacking me, I'm already blinded by your gaze."
(Miss fortune)- "Ah, A deadly woman, both in skill and beauty", "there is no need for those pistols my dear, You have already captured my heart", "I"d certainly give up my fortune to spend but a single moment with you Miss"
(Tailyah)- "My dear, your like magnificent champagne...Sweet and bubbly", "Boulders and mountains would be reduced to rubble, just get a glimpse of your face darling", "We'd surely rock, until the inevitable landslide my delicate desert beauty"
(Tamh kench)- "Now here is a gentlemen who understands fine words and conversation!", "I'd like to complement your docile tones brother, you song is unlike any other", "We both know the magnificence of flattery brother, And for that, I purpose a toast!"
(Vayne)- "No need for silver quills my dear, your gaze is sufficient pierce my heart", "When i first saw you, I immedatly hoped that I was the one you were hunting for"
(kalista)- "Darling, Not even death could ware away your beauty", "If you were to ask, I'd deliver my heart to you just so you could live again", "Those responsible for your betrayal deserve nothing less then a spectacular demise."
(Fiora)- "Mighty shame about the vow, but I guess the most elegant of doves deserve to fly free.", "Dual for my heart has already been won my darling, it beats wildly for you", "I would mind falling at hand of such beauty".
(Jinx)- "The only thing crazy about you, is how much you drive me absolutely insane", "Lively ladies are always a delight! what would life been with out them?"
(leBlanc)- "Trick me as much as you'd like, I'll always be enthralled", "My dear, your fine being already has me seeing double", "You must be the result of power and beauty creating life."
(katarina)- "That scar of your only elevates your already captivating looks my dear.", "You Have already carved yourself into my mind my vigorous vixen", "The thing that is truly sinister, is that your heart will never be mine my dove".
(Karma)- "The one who truly enlightened is I, when ever I have the honour to admire you", "My heart calls for a connection my darling, it patiently waits for your soothing voice.", "It is not necessary for your spells my dear, I have already been inspired"
(Lux)- "An't you just a bundle of joy worth relishing in", "Your intelligence is what truly illuminates us gorgeous", "I must say my little dove, Your beauty: unmatchable, your mind: intriguing...your laughter just a treat"
(Nidalee)- "Truly a huntress like no other, Elegant as a breeze, ferocious as a cougar and fairer than any woman in Runeterra", "...I'd so savage for you", "Just like your domain my dear, I heart is wild for your love", "An elegant feline in both forms my dear, both drawing my undivided attention".
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